Who is Tranzitions Organic Salon?

The answer to this is simple, we are an organic and vegan hair salon in the greater Toronto area that has been determined since 2011 to bring our clientele the most safest, natural products and services that are effective without sacrificing your health for beauty!

Our journey started in 2011 when we decided to open up our own salon with a clear desire and mission to bring a safer healthier salon environment to our future clients and for myself as a hairstylist.

Many people don't realize how toxic the beauty industry is, especially the salon industry.  As a hairstylist for almost two decades I was exposed to toxic hair coloring lines, chemical straightening systems and beauty products that had so many ingredients half them you couldn't pronounce.  As the years went by working daily in this industry I noticed my health declining, feeling weak, fatigue and the list of symptoms that could fill this whole page.

At that point I decided I had enough, and was determined with a passion and desire to change my life, health and help others to understand that you don't have to compromise your health for beauty, you can have both.  This gave birth to Tranzitions Organic Hair Salon.

With the support of my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband and deals with all the digital marketing and operations for our organic salon, we are so happy to be able to have a place where people know that when they come to us  their health is in good hands.   

This is why I love what I do as an artistic hair stylist who loves fashion and design, I try to put all of my passion and love into my work to achieve for each of my clients exactly what they are looking for when it comes to cut, coloring or hair styles. 

We are always working hard to build great relationships with our clients and community as we think of all of them as family. We are one of the most unique salons you will ever come across, we bring health, beauty and fashion in one single place. 

Please check out our Family gift shop, Beauty Shop (coming soon), partnerships page where we are creating a directory of like minded business in the health/beauty field to offer you great deals and discounts and much more!!!

From the family,

Tranzitions Organic Salonn



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