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World hair and skin line is one of the leading brands in the beauty industry that have dedicated themselves to create the most natural, clean, safe and effective eco-friendly hair care products. The World brand is becoming a staple in the salon industry showcasing you don't have to sacrifice your health for beauty, but instead you can have both.¬†¬†Here at Tranzitions Organic Hair Salon we love to align ourselves with like minded businesses that share the same ideals and beliefs when it comes to¬†using toxic free hair and skin care products and the importance this has on your wellbeing and health.¬† Brian and Donna are the owners of the World Hair & Skin Line ÔĽŅbrand who have created an amazing line that will not only impact your health in a good way but also your wallet by saving you money as their products do it all.ÔĽŅ

Their story is very similar to ours as one persons health being impacted can change the trajectory of their life by shifting them to find a solution.  In this case Brian one of the owners of the World Hair And Skin Line had his health impacted during his first 10 years in the industry as he contracted contact dermatitis on his hands from toxic and harsh chemical ingredients from other hair care lines used at that time.  He worked with a chemist and a aromatherapist to find the perfect formulation for his line that would create the same effect as the brand lines but were more cleaner with safe natural ingredients and safe for the planet making them eco-friendly.  This amazing line was launched in 2001 and has evolved to become something special, it will simplify your life by using minimal products, save you money and protect the planet. 


Features & Key Benefits Of World Hair & Skin Line Products

  • No Harsh Chemicals or Toxic Ingredients¬†
  • No Parabens, Silicon's - Siloxanes, Colour and Palm oil
  • No fragrance, Phthalates and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein¬†
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free¬†
  • No Animal Testing¬†
  • Eco - Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly¬†
  • Plant Based Ingredients¬†¬†
  • Made In Canada¬†


       Made in Canada


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    Check out all the products World Hair and Skin Line has to offer below:¬†ūüĎá




    Hair & Skin Cleanser

    Ingenious multi-use formulation effectively shampoos hair and washes the body!  Gentle enough to be used on the entire family! 

    Check out the video to learn more!


    Hair & Skin Moisturizer

    A light, non-greasy, multi-purpose formulation that conditions hair, enhances curl AND can be used as a moisturizer for skin!   Perfect for all genders, and all hair and skin types.

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    Deep Conditioner Mask

    A deeply nourishing mask for dry, damaged hair or versatile conditioner that will protect from heat styling, maintain your colour vibrancy and transform frizz into curls.

    Loaded with vitamins and essential oils

    Bamboo and pea peptides add elasticity and body, hydrolyzed plant-based keratin strengthens and rebuilds (from the inside out) and Argan and Sweet Almond oils create shine, reduce frizz and help colour treated hair to last longer. Regular use of this super rich formula will help prevent split ends and early adopters have been loving REPAIR on the skin.

    Watch the video now to learn more!


    Hair & Skin Balm

    A powerful head-to-toe salve that has been coined the ‚Äúmagic potion‚ÄĚ.

    Reduces inflammation and soothes skin

    The inspired combination of Rosehip Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Blue Tansy and Benzoin essential oils will soothe sensitive skin, calm diaper rash and cradle cap and relieve itchy mosquito bites.

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    Hair & Body Polish

    Provides deep relief to severely dried skin and can also be used as styling pomade for hair.

    Enriched with Beeswax, Organic Jojoba oil and Olive Wax, BUZZ rehydrates and softens parched skin and adds body, shine, hold and texture to any hair type.

    Other benefits

    Skin ailments:  Virgin Coco crème is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent.

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    Texturizing Salt Spray

    A texturizing salt spray, the only primer you’ll ever need!

    Provides Hold.  Creates Fullness and Shine.

    OCEAN will balance oily roots and moisturize dry ends giving your hair velvety waves for days. Our formulation of Dead Sea salt, therapeutic grade essential oils and hydrosols of Lavender and Rosemary moisturize hair while providing body and hold.  

    Other fun benefits

    Therapeutic:  Dead Sea Salt’s therapeutic benefits have been known for millennia. Hydrosols are powerful agents for healing and well-being.

    Check out the video to learn more!


    Natural Holding Spray

    A sugar-based hairspray that gives your hair a solid structural hold or a little lift.

    UP uses the same crystal science to make that magic happen.  Sugar crystals bond deeply together to support even thick, heavy hair - finer hair benefits from sea buckthorn oil and grapefruit seed extract, to help strengthen and promote growth.  

    Other benefits

    Aerosol free and natural:  The perfect alternative to aerosol hair spray, UP provides a natural hold without harsh chemicals.

    Watch the video now to learn more!


    Lip Balm

    A crafty lip balm that relieves parched lips and also helps to control brows, beards and staches.

    Moisturize and fortify:

    Packed with Vitamin E, Beeswax, Coconut, and Sunflower Oils, free radicals will be zapped, locking in moisture and keeping lips and facial hair feeling soft and supple!  Therapeutic grade essential oil blends of orange, vanilla and peppermint are divine … apply hourly to attract attention!

    Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties:

    Essential oils of Vanilla, Peppermint and Orange help to repair cracked and dehydrated lips by sealing in moisture, reducing pain and protecting lips from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins.

    Watch the video now to learn more!


    Essential Oil Blend

    Essential oils have been used as healing agents for thousands of years. These powerful tools are the lifeblood of plants and we have harnessed them to help you detoxify, strengthen and purify.

    Yum is a delicious minty citrus essential oil blend made with therapeutic grade essential oils that you may add to your fragrance- free WORLD Hair and Skin products to personalize.

    Lemon, Mandarin, Orange, Peppermint and Musk seed oils create a euphoric blend that is perfect for a morning refresh!

    Other benefits:

    Use YUM in your bath, in an aromatherapy burner, in massage or in CLEAN, PROTECT and REPAIR to energize and balance your mood, while clarifying and detoxifying your skin and hair.

    Watch this video now to learn more!


    Essential Oil Blend

    Sexy is a racy Blend made from therapeutic grade essential oils that you may add to your fragrance- free WORLD Hair and Skin products. 

    Australian Blue Cypress, Geranium Lavendin, Roman Chamomile and Larch are designed to enhance your mood and give you energy … for just about anything, perfect for sexy time!

    Other benefits

    Season:  Best in winter to soothe and balance skin.

    Unscented WORLD Products:  Use in conjunction with CLEAN, PROTECT or BUZZ or REPAIR.

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