IRestore Hair Growth System


Here at Tranzitions Organic Salon we always look for the best products that are non invasive, free of harsh chemicals and toxins and that are proven to work and give you the best results.  The IRestore hair growth system is one of those companies that checks all the boxes.

Many of our clients were asking us, "what can we do to help reduce, stop hair loss or even try to grow some hair back".  So we hit the ground running to look for a solution to this problem, after a long period of research and trial and error with different products and other type of therapies we found the IRestore hair growth system.

We were skeptical at first but when we had some of our immediate and extended family members try it as a test run they told us that they noticed their existing hair getting stronger and fuller and on a few occasions we had some people tell us that they saw baby hair grow back!  To us this was amazing because its hard to find any type of hair regrowth systems that actually work whether your using laser light therapy, oils or scalp treatments.  

At this point we new we had something here that could help many people struggling with hair loss, this is why we want to bring this to our clients for them to check it out for themselves.  Now to be transparent and straight forward not everyone gets the same results, every individual is different and how this laser light therapy responds to each individual depends on the individual.  You have to be consistent and use the laser light therapy every other day for 25 minutes per session at a minimum 3-6 months and the longer the use the better chance of seeing good results.


What Is IRestore Hair Growth System & How Does It Work?

The iRestore Hair Growth System is a low level laser light technology that is safe and effective for regenerating tissues and inducing hair growth.  Low-level light therapy (LLLT) uses a scientific process to fight hair loss and promote hair growth by stimulating cell metabolism at the follicular level. This treats genetic hair loss and allows users to have long term success without experiencing an increase in health risks. Many solutions on the market use drugs and chemicals to regrow hair. These may have long term complications for your health and wellbeing. Here at Tranzitions Organic Salon we are against the use of any potentially invasive and unsafe options. This is why we advocate using the right methods to improve your beauty and health.  Below we have showcased two main devices from iRestore, first is the iRestore Essential which is their original device and the new iRestore professional which is their new device.  Both devices use clinical-strength red light therapy to promote hair regrowth. Let's compare both below and see which laser light device would be best for you.

iRestore Essential

The original iRestore - It delivers effectively the FDA cleared laser light therapy throughout the most commonly know hair loss areas. Designed to fit your and hit all areas of importance regarding your receding hairline and overall thinning.

✅ 51 medical grade lasers and LEDS

✅ Top scalp, hairline and crown coverage

✅ 12 Month-Money-Money Back Guarantee

How To Use The iRestore Essential

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iRestore Professional

The iRestore professional is one of their newest devices with the same proven technology but at the next level of laser light treatment. The benefit of this device is that it provides greater coverage and more than 5X the diodes to deliver more power and light to your hair follicles.

✅ 282 medical-grade lasers and LEDs

✅ Extended scalp coverage on sides and back

✅ 12 Month-Money-Money Back Guarantee

How To Use The iRestore Professional

Watch This Quick Video & See The System In Action!

How The iRestore System Works

The first hair growth system that actually works! FDA cleared and clinically proven to help restore your hair.


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