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Why Choose Organic Color Systems?

This permanent hair coloring line was designed and created in the UK by a salon specialist hairdresser Stephen Landreth (Co-founder), who was forced to give up hairdressing when he developed a severe allergy to conventional hair color. 

Like many in the industry, these toxic ammonia base conventional hair coloring lines contain high amounts of PPD's and other harmful ingredients that can adversely effect your health over a period time especially when done daily as a hairstylist/hairdresser.

This is why Organic Color Systems was born, with the desire to create a permanent hair coloring line that is more safe and less toxic. By minimizing the use of harsh chemical additives, creating a line that is more naturally based with added natural and certified organic ingredients to bring not only to hairdressers but to clients like you.

Organic Color Systems is the first ever ammonia, paraben, formaldehyde and resorcinol free, professional permanent hair colouring line that is also Vegan friendly. This dermatologically tested and patented permanent hair colour formula, contains the lowest possible levels of oxidative pigment (PPD/PTD) and is packed full of high grade, natural and certified organic ingredients.

Uniquely, Organic Color Systems works at a lower level pH than traditional chemical colors, meaning that there is no damage to the hair. 

We are happy to have this safe and effective hair coloring line in our salon as we only want the best for our clients and stylist.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique patented and non-damaging green science formula
  • Lowest possible levels of oxidative pigment (PPD/PTD/PTDS)
  • No ammonia, parabens, formaldehyde or resorcinol
  • Works within the hairs optimum pH levels
  • Made up of 60% organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Vegan Friendly - Never tested on animals
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO Ingredients
  • 64 inter-mixable shades
  • No nasty chemical smell 
  • Biodegradable
  • Packaging made from recycled material and fully recyclable 
  • Excellent grey coverage
  • Long lasting color


 Organic Ingredients Ammonia FreeNot Tested On AnimalsCruelty Free and Vegan - PETA

Key Natural & Organic ingredients

  • Gluten free Wheat Protein – Protects and improves shine & softness
  • Comfrey – Softens, detangles and adds shine
  • Aloe Vera – Moisturises and soothes the scalp
  • Orange – Strengthens and aids colour retention
  • Grapefruit – Conditions and aids colour retention
  • Naturally derived PEG-2 Soyamine – Works to soften the cuticle, opening them at a much lower pH than ammonia


 What Is PPD & It's Importance

Paraphenylenediamine—more commonly known as PPD—is a chemical substance that is commonly found in permanent hair color and other dyes. PPD in hair color is most often used in dark shades and is used pervasively because it provides long-lasting hair color that has a natural look.

On the flip side PPD can have severe allergic side effects for some who are sensitive to this ingredient.  In conventional permanent hair coloring lines like the big brands they use higher percentage amounts of PPD ranging from 4 to 6 percent.

Permanent hair colors require varying Pigments in order to create effective permanent hair color. Without these pigments, results are more likely to be short term, such as Semi-Permanent or Temporary colours. Unfortunately it is not yet possible to have an effective Permanent hair colouring line without such pigments.

Organic Color Systems has made it there mission to have the lowest possible levels of PPD/PTD pigment (the essential ingredient needed to make hair color permanent) and still achieve luxurious results. Their permanent hair coloring line uses on average 0.2% pigment (PPD/PTD) in comparison to the maximum concentration of 4% permitted for safe use as governed by EU legislation.  

The highest concentration of PPD required in Organic Colour Systems is less than 3% in your Base 1 Black. As the Colour Number increases the amount of PPD required becomes less and less.  As you can see they have worked hard to create an effective permanent hair coloring line reducing the amount of PPD/PTD to a safe level and still achieve fabulous results.


Patch Test

If your going to color your hair with Organic Color Systems and you have allergies or chemical sensitivities to PPD, we will conduct a patch test before we start to determine and avoid any potential allergic reactions.  Here at Tranzitions Organic Salon your health comes first and we are here to guide and help you through the process. 


So Why Use Organic Color Systems?

Simply put, organic color systems is changing the game as a more safer and effective alternative to conventional permanent hair coloring lines that predominately are made up of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients.

So I ask you - Do you have the courage to change for the better?

If yes ! Than it's time to Tranzition with Organic Color Systems.

Welcome to the Family,

Tranzitions Organic Salon 

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